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JV-Choppers is primarily a Biker Shop specialized in constructing / customizing motorcycles at Myllykoski (Finland), approx. 12 km from Kouvola to Kotka.

To Harleys as well to other wheels (mopeds) We offer an all-encompassing service; maintenance, repairs, parts supply, modification, paintings, upholstery, etc. If necessary, we build the whole bike, if you want to.

Here at the workshop, the Team has accumulated experience in all types of wheeled equipment, so wildest ideas might be feasible, within reason, of course, but what is the fairness….

Call 040 722 8517 or send an e-mail jupe@jvchoppers.fi and ask for more!

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Custodial - Winter / summer.

All you can think of, ask and lets negotiate solution satisfactory to everyone.